In Loving Memory of

   Anil B. Dholakia

      Anil B. Dholakia 85 of Franklin, NC passed on June 10, 2019.  


     He began his business career at the age of 16 cutting gemstones in Mumbai, India and specializing in Garnet and Star Rubies.  In 1957, He set his eyes on Japan where he spent 3 years in the gemstone trade there and travelled to Burma, Singapore and Thailand.  He came to USA in 1960 and resided in NYC with his wife.  In early 60’s he started his business as Adris Oriental Gem & Art Corporation.  He started doing trade shows all over USA doing up to 90 shows a year.   In February of 1974, with a group of 11 other gem dealers they started a satellite Tucson gem show.  Dubbed the “dirty dozen” the 12 dealers banded together to start a gem show.  G&LW was born.  He was the youngest and last survivor of the dirty dozen. 


     In 1994 he moved to Franklin, NC where he lived & worked in the wholesale gemstone & jewelry business as Anil B. Dholakia, Inc.  His passion was to travel for business sourcing new gemstones.  He enjoyed buying and selling, & doing trade shows around the globe.  His business took him to Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, India, China, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Korea, Ethiopia and many more.  He was a leading producer of the London & Swiss blue topaz in the 80’s and had copyright on the patent on the Blue Topaz.


     He loved helping people to get in the business. This way, he paved the way for the gemstone trade for Indian community.  He was a pioneer & leader in trade.  He was a legend in his field, highly acclaimed by the gems & jewelry industry both in USA & India.  He had received numerous awards from the gemstone trade.  Indian Diamond Colorstone Association awarded leader of the industry in 2005.  He also received a recognition award from Jewelry Television. He was also one of the founding members and director of American Gem Trade Association.


    He was actively involved in business till early 2017 (83 years).  He enjoyed cooking and entertaining friends and family at his home.  Last couple of years he was not keeping well.   He was loved and will be missed by family, friends & industry people.

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